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From what I have read in multiple posts on Quora, HN, web (in general), there seems to be a common thread in all the answers - that the future of CS would be to take the existing research of the field and applying it to the industry problems. This makes me wonder, are there no new areas of research in the CS, apart from the list that everyone knows? - AI, ML, DL - Computation (Quantum, Cloud, Edge (embedded devices)) - VR, AR, MR (and XR), Robotics Software, etc. Have all the CS technologies have become a commodity (been democratized)? Where are they headed? Is the field (of research) becoming static? Has all the research in the field been converted to a product already?

What's the exciting new topics of research that are being thought about (or are already happening) just to take the CS as a field forward and not because an industry is guiding that research?